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What to Wear in Thailand: Dress Code for Expats and Tourists

Planning a trip to the Land of Smiles? Or perhaps moving soon to be an expat in Thailand? Prepare to experience the heat and humidity in a tropical country like Thailand. If you are not used to a warmer climate, don’t fret because it is fairly easy to adjust. Here are some useful tips if you are wondering how to dress comfortably and appropriately if you are a tourist or an expat in Thailand.

For everyday living

Keep it cool and comfortable by wearing your casual wear. Summer clothes made from cotton fabric are the best idea. For guys, t-shirts, polo shirts paired with denim pants/shirts or trousers is a good combination. For the ladies, tasteful tops paired with your choice of skirts or shorts are okay. Summer dresses are fine too. It is okay to show some skin but it is not advisable to show cleavage or wear revealing outfits.

For footwear, comfortable and water-resistant shoes are advisable as it often rains in Thailand. You may find that locals usually wear flip flops but you might want to protect your feet from dirt and grime especially if you’re commuting.

For visiting temples and beaches

When visiting temples, it is highly recommended to dress modestly. One rule is to cover up, men and women will not be allowed to enter temples if they reveal too much skin. Some temples provide cover-ups for rent or for free in case you need one.

Swimsuits and swim trunks are allowed in beaches across Thailand. However, you need to cover up when you’re walking in beach towns. Wear sarongs or wraps whenever you want to go sight-seeing. You will never see a local roaming around town in their swimwear. Also, topless sunbathing is unacceptable in Thai beaches.

Remember that your clothing and appearance will have an effect on how you will be treated in Thailand so make sure to dress tastefully and comfortably to enjoy your stay.


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