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Visiting Thailand Temples: Wat Phra Kaew

Are you an expat in Thailand and looking for recreational activities to do during the weekend? Then you have you have a lot of unhurried opportunities to visit Thailand’s many temples!

Start it off with a visit to Wat Phra Kaew, known as one of the most important temples in Thailand, the “wat” (temple) is considered as the most sacred Buddhist temple in the country. It is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, a statue that represents historical, religious, and political symbolism in the Thai society. Contrary to its name, the statue is not really made from emerald but is carved from a single block of Jade in the image of a Buddha in a meditating position in the style of the Lanna school. More so, no one is allowed near the statue but only His Majesty, the King.

Learning about the country’s religious history is one way to acclimate to the Thai’s lifestyle. Working in Thailand, you’ll discover the values that are most important to them. If you are planning to visit Wat Phra Kaew, you will also get to roam at another popular destination, the Grand Palace as the temple is within its precincts. These historical places are located in the historic center of Bangkok in the Phra Nakhon District and you will see that there are over a hundred buildings that span a total area of 94.5 hectares which is said to have “200 years of royal history and architectural experimentation”. The entire temple is enclosed in a highly decorated wall which features 178 murals which illustrate the Indian epic Ramayana that shows the values of honesty, faith, and devotion.

A few things to remember on the day of your visit is that they have a strict dress code, the temple is highly revered and utmost respect for their rules and customs should be honored. As a sign of respect, always remember to tuck your feet towards the back when in sitting position during prayers. And lastly, offer your intentions with a happy heart.

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