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What to Visit in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is the sixth largest city in Thailand, located in the northern part of the country near the mountains and jungle. It’s kept its authenticity over the years. Endowed with a great cultural richness, it attracts more and more expatriates and tourists in search of new discoveries. We recommend that you don’t miss the following places if you go to “The Rose of the North”..

The Temples

Chiang Mai is full of temples (or, in Thai, a “Wat”), which you’ll find almost at every corner. Among the most remarkable, is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Located 13km from the city, on the mountain of Doi Suthep, it will offer you an incomparable panorama of Chiang Mai. Its architecture is also breathtaking. If you go there at dawn you will have the chance to watch the sunrise over the city. Note that to access the various temples, you must have your legs covered to at least your knees.

Discover the Elephants

This animal, which is the symbol of Thailand, is easily found in Chiang Mai. You can take rides on it, but know that usually the animals in these centers are abused to comply with the demands of tourists.
We advise that you instead opt for a day of immersion in an animal sanctuary with the elephants, although this activity is expensive (50 € for half a day). You will have the opportunity to prepare the elephants’ meal, feed them, or take a mud bath with them! This is usually the most popular activity for tourists who come to Chiang Mai.

The Markets

A very good way to fill your evening is with the most important market of Chiang Mai, the Walking Street market, open from 17h to 22h Saturday evening and Sunday evening. You’ll enjoy people selling clothing, jewelry, fabrics, food, etc. In the same vein, we also recommend the Night Bazaar open every day from 18h to 00h00, where you can find restaurants and bars as well.



For day markets, don’t hesitate to visit the Chuang Puak market, which specializes in food, or the Kham Tiang Flower Market which is a flower market where the perfumes and colors from the flowers will constantly impress you.