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Transportation in Thailand

Thailand is a country full of diverse landscapes. You can hike in the mountains of the North, explore the urban capital in Bangkok, or discover the paradisiacal islands of the South. Whether you are here on holiday or for a longer stay, we’ll tell you how to not miss a thing thanks to the various transportation methods in the Land of the Smiles.

The Planes

If you are traveling to Thailand for a short holiday, the plane is the preferred means of transport. You can go anywhere because some twenty cities (including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket) have an airport. Furthermore, in two hours or less, you’ll arrive at whatever your destination!
As for the tickets, they’re relatively affordable, about €75 per person for a return trip between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The local airlines are Air Asia, Thai Airways, Orient Thai Airlines, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways.

The Trains

Trains serve the whole country but are particularly slow (40 km/h on average). You can always find something to eat, either by going to the restaurant carriage or to a street vendor.
There are three different classes: the third class is without air conditioning and with limited comfort, the second class is air-conditioned, and the first class is very chic in addition to being comfortable.

An advantage is that you can travel at night and rest in a sleeper car that will be more comfortable than the bus. If you decide to travel during the day, take advantage of the reduced train speed to admire the scenery!

You can check train schedules and book your ticket online at https://trainthailande.com

The Buses

Taking the bus to get around is like the train, a much cheaper way than the plane to visit Thailand. Also, it goes where the train and plane can’t go, so use this method if you want to explore the remote areas of the country.
There are three different types of buses: Government buses can be air-conditioned or not, but often have the longest rides, private buses with air conditioning are a bit more expensive but faster, and VIP buses are the most expensive of the three but you can have meals available and maximum comfort.

Beware though, if you choose the cheapest tickets, the journey may not be very comfortable and flights tend to arrive late in the evening.

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