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How to Sell your Property in Thailand

Why Century 21 Sweet Home?

Note that in Thailand there is no license needed to be an agent! So it is important to choose your agency wisely. Located in both Bangkok and Phuket, Century 21 Sweet Home© is separated from the competition by its membership in the Century 21 network which gives it great credibility and is a guarantee of quality, with services in line at the highest international standards.

The Steps for Selling a Property

Step 1: The Consultation

This first appointment, which can be done in an agency or by telephone, allows you to obtain personalized advice tailored to your situation. This is the opportunity for you to get an initial price estimate by having your conditions of sale and your important documents verified.

Step 2: The Estimate

Free at Century 21 Sweet Home©, the estimate of the selling price depends on the property involved and relies on a comparison algorithm with all the properties listed in our database.

Step 3: The Ad

One of our agents will travel to your property to take photos on site. We will then take care of the development and the publication of your real estate ad.

Step 4: The Visits

We take care of everything from the selection of potential buyers to the organization of the buyers’ transportation. Enjoy a detailed account of visits every week, without ever having to move.

Step 5: Negotiation

We take care of all aspects of the transaction to sell your property at the best price. Our agents are experienced in the negotiation methods in Thailand and have a perfect knowledge of the field.

Step 6: The Formalization of the Sale

It’s during this stage that the date of ownership transfer to the cadastre will be defined. Since there is no notary in Thailand, we will take care of the necessary formalities with the local administration. This sales agreement confirms the commitment of the buyer vis-à-vis you, the seller. The buyer’s signature is authorized in an agency. In the event that the transaction fails, the deposit made will remain your account, unless a clause is provided and accepted by both parties.

Step 7: Preparation of the Documents

We will take care of you and the buyer to carry out all necessary steps and formalities at the Land Department. Any transaction must be validated by them.

Step 8: The Transfer of Ownership

The last step of your sales itinerary, the signing of the selling agreement provided by the land department, marks the end of the transaction and makes the buyer the new full owner of the property.