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Retirement in Thailand

More and more people have decided to take up residence in Thailand for their retirement. There’s no lack of motivation: the cheaper cost of living, the cultural richness, the beautiful landscapes… We offer a guide for people wishing to retire under the sun in the Land of Smiles.

Where to Stay?

Most of the popular destinations for retirees are seaside resorts, close to the sea like Hua Hin. Here, you can enjoy the palace known for its gardens, stroll in its traditional fishing port, or relax with a round of golf in the city. The island of Phuket is located to the west of the Thai coast, which is full of sublime landscapes and access to other islands of paradise.

Nevertheless, you can also opt for retirement in an urban setting. The capital city of Bangkok is extremely dynamic and has some of the most beautiful temples in the country (Wat Pho or Wat Phra Kaew). Also, the city of Chiang Mai nestled in the northern mountains of the country offers a more quiet lifestyle. The advantage of these two cities is that they have complete public transport networks, allowing you to explore the rest of the country very easily.

The first reason why people retire in Thailand is the cost of living. Indeed with €180,000, you can buy a flat of 100m² in Phuket located 2km from the beach. Moreover, the favorable exchange rate (€1 = 39 baht as of 2017) makes it possible to live at a lower cost. For example, for food, it’s €4-7 per meal on average if you eat outside, or for transportation, it’s €80 for a round-trip flight from Phuket to Bangkok!
In addition, Thailand is a country that has been modernized. You will find quality hospitals as well as a large variety of activities to lead an active retirement if you wish (visits of nature reserves, islands, etc.)

Finally, if you’re French, Thailand has an important Francophone community: 25,000 expatriates in 2015, making it the third largest expatriate community in Asia! This makes acclimatization simpler for retirement. You will, however, have to master English and some Thai to be able to communicate with others.

A retreat in a foreign country must be accompanied by social security and health insurance to overcome all the health problems you may be facing, we invite you to consult our articles dedicated to the CFE and the insurance available to retirees.