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Renting in Thailand: What You Need to Know!

Ready, Set, Move In!

Looking for a rental in Thailand? You are in the right place! Century 21 Sweet Home® is here to help you find your apartment or your home. From Bangkok to Phuket, we will show you in this article the main steps and procedures needed to rent your home in the Land of Smiles!

Determine Your Exact Needs

Although you probably already have an idea of the type of property you want to rent in Thailand, it’s important to make sure that you’ve asked all the right questions:

  • An apartment or a house?
  • Number of rooms, materials, look of the exterior, floor, applicances…
  • The reason you want to have it: residence, investment, vacation, retirement…?
  • The place: What amenities are nearby, access to the expressway, close to public transport and school facilities?

Define Your Housing Budget

Whatever your budget, you’ll find in Thailand many rental offers tailored to your needs. Of course, as in Europe, the prices will tend to vary according to the city and the district of your choice, as well as the duration of your contract.

Water and Electricity Costs

Regarding water: A monthly bill of a generally very small amount is sent to you by mail and paid directly to the reception at the “Juristic Office” of your building or the local water company if you live in a house.

For electricity, a monthly invoice will be sent to you by mail. You can pay in stores such as 7ELEVEN or FAMILY MART and on the internet via the mobile application of your bank.

Internet Connection

ADSL packages typically start from 600.00 baht per month. (With commitment of one year in general) Consult the offers for ADSL and Fiber on the websites of the principal internet providers, which are AIS, Dtac et True.

Organize Your Housing Search

Bangkok: City of Contrasts

Most of the rental housing stock in Bangkok is made up of condominium dwellings, but it’s not uncommon to find homes or villas easily accessible from the city center. The local rental market is characterized by significant price fluctuations depending on the proximity of health, education, and transportation infrastructure. Indeed, it’s essential to take into account these elements, if only to avoid spending too much time in daily traffic jams.

Phuket: Resort Destination of Excellence

The rental market in Phuket consists mainly of houses or villas, some of which have a sea view. Many “condominiums” have also emerged in recent years. The local market is differentiated by the diversity of its rental contracts. Since the city is a resort destination, it’s possible to rent a home for the day or the year.


Formalities for Renting in Thailand

Despite conventional wisdom, leasing formalities in Thailand are particularly simple. Contrary to what many of our customers think, no VISA is needed to rent a property in Thailand.

This is what you need to have:

  • Copy of your passport
  • 1 month rent in advance
  • 22 months deposit (equivalent to 2 months rent)

Rental Agreement

This document may be published in English and made into two or three copies shared between the owner, the tenant, and the real estate agency. It’s possible that the contract is in Thai if you rent directly from the owner. In this case, we advise you to use a translator to check the consistency of the document. Note also that only the version of the contract translated into Thai will have legal value in case of dispute. You may be asked to translate your English contract into Thai.