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The Renovation of Phuket Airport

Phuket International Airport is Thailand’s second largest in terms of traffic. Indeed, many tourists flock to admire the breathtaking landscapes offered by most beaches in this province. It recently has been renovated and we’ll explain the details of this vast construction project.

A Necessary Expansion

In 2014, no less than 12 million passengers passed through the airport at Phuket but it was built only to accommodate about 6.5 million per year, half the number of passengers. Before the renovation, the airport only had a single terminal for both domestic and international flights. In order to increase the capacity of the airport, construction work on a new terminal dedicated solely to international flights was launched in 2016 and was completed two months ago, in September 2017.

The construction that ended in 2017 pushed the airport’s capacity to 12.5 million passengers, which is still not enough but will allow the airport to manage the arrival of visitors better. The cost of the expansion amounts to 5.7 billion baht, or 148 million euros. This measure shows Thailand’s commitment to tourism as one of its main activities, facilitating the reception of visitors.

The domestic terminal is also under renovation; the first part of the work is scheduled to be completed on November 28, 2017.