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The New “Smart Visa” is Available in January!

A new visa should be set up by the government in mid-January 2018. Called the “Smart Visa”, it’s aimed at foreigners whose monthly salary exceeds 200,000 Baht (€ 5,100) and who work in sectors such as news technology, robotics, information technology, and health. It will also be available to investors.


It offers more benefits than any other visa. It will allow its holder to stay four years in the Thailand, while the work visa had to be renewed every year and the tourist visa renewed every month and a half. It should be noted that the spouse and children of the holder will also automatically benefit from this four-year residence permit in Thailand. There is no age restriction to be eligible for the Smart Visa, and no need to have a work permit.


This visa was put in place following the complaints of foreign businessmen who were demanding a visa dedicated to foreign experts in their field and to investors. It was announced as a project in 2016 and has finally become reality.