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All You Need to Know About Property Rental in Thailand

Financial Conditions

Set the Rental Amount

Calculating the first rent for property rental is a key step for new landlords. Our agents are there to help you evaluate it!

Condo Fees

In Thailand, owners of apartments or houses in subdivisions must in most cases pay the condominium fees. Unlike France, these charges remain fully paid by the owner who has no right to pass it on to their tenant, even partially.

Check the Financial Reliability of a Tenant

It’s important to check in advance if your future tenant will have no problem to cover the payment of each rent.


Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Contract law governs real estate rentals. Although Thai law is generally favorable to landlords, it is strongly recommended to have legal assistance (a service that we offer) to adequately defend your interests when drafting the lease.

How to Find a Tenant

The language barrier and the difference in procedures and uses in terms of rental housing are all elements that justify the help of a real estate agency such as ours. With Century 21 Sweet Home, you can rent your property with confidence; we’ll take care of everything.

  • In Thailand, the agency fees are entirely the responsibility of the owner. They represent 1 month’s rent for a one-year contract.
  • The condominium fee is paid monthly to the property manager “Juristic”, the equivalent of the trustee in France.
  • The home insurance is at the full expense of the owner of the housing, which must guarantee the security of its tenant inside the housing.

Rent Lease

This document may be published in English in two or three copies shared between the owner, the tenant, and the real estate agency. It includes the obligations and duties of each, as well as resolution clauses.

Special cases: Managing Unpaid Bills

Generally, it’s advisable to stipulate in the contract that the owner can have the lock changed if the tenant does not pay his rent for 2 months. This avoids lengthy and tedious court proceedings.