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Movies in Thailand

If you are a movie buff, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it during your stay in the country of the smiles! Thailand’s big cities are full of theaters, and going to see a film can be an exotic experience compared to what is known in the West.


In all Thai cinemas, a song in honor of King Rama X is screened before the film begins. All spectators, Thai or not, are obliged to stand up and remain silent during the song. To not respect this custom is regarded as a serious lack of respect towards the king. Also, if you want to see a movie in a “normal” theater, the price of seats can vary depending on the day! Count 250 baht (6.3 €) to see a movie on Saturday, against 150 baht (€ 3.8) on Wednesday.

VIP seats

In most cinemas in major shopping centers in Thailand, you can choose to watch your movie with VIP service. This package costs on average 500 baht or 12 € per person, but it can climb up to 3000 baht for the most luxurious cinemas! In exchange, you can see your movie in a seat that’s the size of a bed, adjustable to your comfort needs, all with food service (popcorn, sweets) and drinks (sodas , coffee, alcohol), as well as a foot massage during the 30min wait before the beginning of the film. You will also have a blanket available to see your movie in the greatest comfort and warmth.