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Massages in Thailand

If you come to Thailand, whatever the length of your stay, it’s unbelievable that you wouldn’t get a massage since it’s basically an art form in this country. However, the massages available are almost as many as there are massage salons! We offer you a tour of the different massages to ask for when you go through the door of one of these establishments.

Traditional Massage or Thai Massage

This massage technique originated at Wat Pho, also known the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The practice rests on the idea that the human body consists of lines of energy. If these lines are blocked, it will cause stress, fever or illness, and when the body is not well, the mind is also weak. The idea of traditional Thai massage is to free these obstructed lines of energy by “connecting” the feet back up to the head. It’s typical for practitioners to apply very strong pressure, so don’t hesitate to ask him or her to have a lighter touch. With this kind of massage, it’s normal to experience strong handling in order to release as much tension of the body as possible. Expect about 300 Baht (€8) for a Thai massage, traditionally lasts 2 hours.

Thai Foot Massage

This massage works on the same logic as the Thai massage: specific points on the foot will allow the whole body to function better. This technique involves more than 60 movements, with stretching and massaging techniques for all zones of the foot. The practitioner will also stimulate several pressure points under your feet with a wooden stick. A complete foot massage covers the entire lower legs; it goes from the feet up to the knees. Most people that have tried it come out with a feeling of lightness in the legs and an overall sense of relaxation. On average, this massage lasts 1 hour and will cost 300 Baht (€8).

Massage in Oil or Oil Massage

This massage is perfect if you prefer a gentle massage. As the name suggests, this massage relies on the use of oil; it can be coconut oil, among others. The masseur massages the whole body in order to allow the skin to absorb the oil, which will offer great hydration for the skin. You can be sure that after this massage you’ll feel extremely relaxed. Expect it to last 1 hour and cost about 500 baht (€12).