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The Golf Courses in Bangkok

Thailand is a country famous for its widespread sport of Muay Thai, otherwise known as traditional Thai boxing. It’s also the place for many other sports, including one that we would not necessarily think of: golf. Here’s a list of the best golf courses around Bangkok!

Bangkok Golf Club

This club is located north of Bangkok, about an hour’s drive away. It has been open since 1993 and has played host to prestigious golf tournaments, such as the Volvo Master Of Asia in 2003. Rebuilt after the flooding in 1995, it boasts a flora of 2,500 different plant species, making it one of the most beautiful golf courses in the capital. The course is part of a hotel, the Bangkok Golf Spa Resort, where you can rent a room for a weekend, for example. Rates are relatively affordable given the quality of the infrastructure, about 2000 baht for an 18-hole play on the weekdays, and 2800 baht for a session during the weekend. WebsiteLocation

 Alpine Golf Club

This golf course is one of the most difficult in the capital. It’s also hosted the Thailand Major Tournament in 1997 and 1998. Tiger Woods also did some sessions here. You will find everything you need to relax between two rounds, such as a bar, Jacuzzis, or restaurants. It is located a 1-hour drive north of Bangkok. Bring around 2500 baht to play. WebsiteLocation

Subhapruek Golf Club

This golf course is 50 minutes east of Bangkok by car and offers courses from intermediate to difficult. It’s about 3400 baht to play on each course. The set of greens is relatively flat but varied. WebsiteLocation

Kantarat Golf Course – Don Mueang Airport Golf

This golf course is unique because it’s located in Don Mueang Airport. Most of the 18-holes are long, which means that any ball coming out of the course is a lost ball, pushing golfers to skillfully calculate their shot. This golf course is public, which means that it is relatively inexpensive, 1450 baht for an 18 hole course with cart and equipment. WebsiteLocation

Khao Yai Golf Club

This course is located 3 hours drive north-east of Bangkok next to one of the most beautiful national parks of Thailand, Khao Yai. It’s nestled in a valley between two mountains. As for the difficulty, it’s recommended only for the skilled golfers, because its position within the valley makes it very exposed to the winds. 1800 baht for an 18-hole course, note that this golf course is open every day. WebsiteLocation

Bangkok Golf Centre

This indoor golf center has everything you need to improve your game for your next session on the greens. You’ll find 8 classes to improve your swing, putt, etc… You can bring your own equipment or rent it for a session. The main strength of this center is that all classes are taught in augmented reality that simulates the flight of your ball and therefore can targets where you need to improve. Note that it is open every day from 8am to 10pm and located right next to the BTS Asok stop. Your first session will be free and supervised by one of their coaches. WebsiteLocation

Xcite Golf Centre

Xcite Golf is another training center located in Bangkok, a 5-minute walk from BTS Phrom Phong Station. Here you will also find all kinds of classes also taught in augmented reality to improve your different skills. Note that classes like “mini-golf” are also on the rooftop for a little fun. Feedback from users is unanimous on the quality of the staff in the reception and support throughout your session. You can bring your own equipment or use the ones provided. This center is open from 8am to 10pm and welcomes golfers of all levels. WebsiteLocation