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The Golf Courses of Hua Hin

Thailand is a country famous for its widespread sport of Muay Thai, otherwise known as traditional Thai boxing. It also allows the practice of many other sports, including one that we would not necessarily imagine: golf. Today we present to you a list of the best golf courses around Hua Hin!

Black Mountain Golf Club

This golf course, located 25 minutes drive west of Hua Hin, is located in a valley surrounded by granite mountains. This site has hosted many competitions such as the Asian PGA Tour in 2010 and 2011, and the Thailand Classic in 2014 and 2015. Note that it has been ranked among the 100 best golfs in the world out of the US Golf Digest Magazine in 2012. It’s as well suited for experienced golfers as those with an intermediate skill level. 2500 baht for an 18-hole course with equipment rental.

Majestic Creek Country Club

Located a 30-minute drive west of Hua Hin, this golf course is considered by many golfers to be the best course in Hua Hin, renovated in 2012. It’s located in a valley and is suitable for all levels of play. There are many water obstacles for those who like a challenge. 2000 baht for an 18-hole course with equipment rental.

Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

This golf course, located just 5 minutes drive from the center of Hua Hin, is the oldest golf course in Thailand since it opened in 1924, almost a century ago. It’s close to the city because it was built to allow the aristocrats of the time to have a place of amusement not far from their residence. Many mountains also surround it and you can see monkeys in some parts of the course. It’s suitable for all levels, and an 18-hole session will cost you 1800 baht.

Palm Hills Golf Resort

This golf course located 10 minutes from the center of Hua Hin by car. Opened since 1992, it’s the first golf course suitable for international competitions in the Hua Hin region. In 1993 it hosted the first Thailand World Pro Am Tournament. Its routes are quite hilly and surrounded by palm trees. This golf course is considered to be the simplest of all in Hua Hin, nevertheless its different courses make it suitable for all types of level of play. 2000 baht for an 18-hole course.

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