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How to Get a Work Permit in Thailand

If you want to work in Thailand, a work permit is mandatory. Don’t take it lightly because a foreigner who works without a work permit is liable for a heavy fine, imprisonment, or even deported from Thailand! We’ll explain what the administrative process you need to follow in order to get one, and the rights it can give you.

First, Obtaining the Visa

You must obtain the Nonimmigrant Visa B first in order to apply for a work permit. All information on this Visa can be found in our article by clicking here.

Next, Getting the Work Permit

Obtaining a work permit requires documents from the employee:

  • Passport – copies of each page. Each page must be signed by the employee.
  • Non-immigrant Visa B
  • A medical certificate proving your fitness for work/li>
  • Diploma (a signed copy)
  • CV describing in detail the previous positions held by the candidate, the task responsibilities, the duration of the position, and the place of work
  • 3 photos in 4 x 6 cm format with full face, business attire (wearing of suit and tie may be required)
  • Marriage Certificate (if married to a Thai person). This includes the original as well as the signed photocopies. Also include your spouse’s Thai ID card, birth certificates, and household registration.
  • A letter of employment from your company
  • A proof of your address in Thailand

Note that the Thai administration may require that these documents be translated into Thai by a certified translator. The translation costs will be your responsibility to cover.

Your employer will also have to provide a number of documents:

  • Certificate of registration in the commercial register proving that the organization for which the candidate is going to work for has been duly registered as a legal person and also list the name of the Director General or the Deputy Director.
  • List of shareholders certified by the Registrar
  • QST Certificate – Phor Phor 20
  • Withholding tax – Phor Ngor Dor 1
  • The financial balance sheet of the company
  • A copy of your employer’s work permit and passport
  • A map with the location of the company
  • A letter of employment indicating the position and salary of the employee/li>
  • Capital increase of € 2 million
  • Have a ratio of 4 Thai employees per foreign worker

Note that all these documents must have the stamp of the company on each page and the signature of the company director. In addition, there are quotas in Thailand with each company required to have 4 Thai employees for each foreign employee hired and 2 million capital per foreign employee.

Finally, the approval time of a work permit is 7 working days in Bangkok and up to 2 months for Phuket. Your Visa must not expire during the processing of the permit, so make your arrangements!

Since 2008, the work permit will allow you to work for two years in Thailand. The formalities for obtaining a work permit often go hand in hand with those of a Visa B (for work), click here to know everything about this Visa.