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Expat Guide to Pets in Thailand

Being a pet owner is a lot of responsibility especially if you are in a foreign country. Whether you plan to bring your pet to Thailand, get one while living in Thailand, or bring your pet when leaving Thailand, there are requirements from the government that needs to be fulfilled. You also need to follow some rules and you need to adapt to the cultures of the country.

Owning a Pet in Thailand

Before you rent a condo in Thailand, you must check first if the building is pet-friendly because most don’t allow pets. You also need to know that most parks don’t allow pets; therefore, finding a place to let your pet exercise can be difficult. The weather here also needs to be taken into account because humidity is not a pet’s friend.

Bringing a Pet to Thailand

If you are already a pet owner and want to bring your pet to Thailand, there are certain requirements that you need to meet and they are the following.

  1. Form Rore. 1.1

This comes from the Department of Livestock Development.

  1. Microchip

This should be implanted by a veterinarian.

  1. Health certificate

This must be issued by a USDA accredited veterinarian and endorsed by USDA/APHIS Veterinary services. This health certificate’s validity is only 10 days after its issued date so, you would need to travel with your pet within that time period.

  1. Proof of Vaccination

The pet needs to be vaccinated at least 21 days before their travel date. Dogs are required to have at least five vaccines, while cats should have at least 2. The vaccines needed can be found on this website.

  1. A copy of the pet owner’s passport.

Bringing a Pet out of Thailand

The requirements for bringing a pet out of Thailand are pretty much the same except that this time, you need to comply with the requirements of your home or destination country.

Other things to consider

  • Make sure to check that the airline you are going to be traveling with allows pets in-cabin.
  • Your pet must be at least four months so you can bring it to Thailand.
  • Certain dogs are not allowed in Thailand like Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier.

You need to plan ahead so that you have ample time because these requirements are not simple to fulfill. This also ensures that your arrival will be a breeze in the country you will be going to. Furthermore, buy or rent a condo in Thailand that will make your stay not only comfortable for you but also for your pet.


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