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The Electrical Cables in Bangkok

People never stop talking about the electrical cables in Bangkok. In June 2016, Bill Gates posted a picture on Facebook of the power lines in Bangkok. He said that some Thais got their electricity illegally by plugging in directly, but also because of the precarious infrastructure of many Thai neighborhoods, these areas were frequently deprived of electricity. His post soon became a point of rage for many users (mainly Thai) because the cables in his photo did not carry electricity but the telephone and television signals. Today, they are being put underground.

Objectives and Work Schedule

In 2016, the MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) launched the renovation work of power lines in the capital with a dual objective: first secure the cables, because such clusters can break and collapse, and second make Bangkok’s urban landscape more appealing.

The cost for this amount of the work is 143 million Baht (€ 3.7 million) and should be completed by 2022 because no less than 127 kilometers of cable must be underground. Work will follow this order:

  • Tiwanon – Chaeng Watthana
  • Ladprao – Ramkhamhaeng
  • Samsen -the area around Chitralada Villa Royal Residence
  • Sathorn – Charoenrat
  • Wong Wian Yai – Arun Amarin
  • Thepharak – Sukhumvit

Such a renovation is not trivial since wherever the work will take place, the traffic will bottleneck on the roads getting taken over by the MEA vehicles. Recently it was Sukhumvit that was severely affected because work began there in October 2017.