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Education in Thailand: Top 5 International Schools

Often, planning to become an expat involves questions related to their family and the most common of them is:

Where is my child going to go to school?

Thailand has a large density of renowned international schools with different educational systems: British, French, or American, among others. In order to help you choose the right school for your child, we have selected the 5 most famous Thai international schools.



French International High School – Bangkok

lycee-francais-de-bangkokStarted in 2003, the high school welcomes children from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The French International High School strictly follows the curricula, pacing, and examination calendars of the French Ministry of National Education. Another good point, the international high school also offers English-French bilingual classes for all levels.



The Jules Verne International School – Phuket

Ecole Jules Verne PhuketEstablished on the island of Phuket since 2009, the Jules Verne International School offers a curriculum in accordance with the French National Education Program and a large focus is given to modern languages. From kindergarten on, a Thai assistant assists French teachers.



British International School – Phuket

British Int School CampusA renowned international school in Phuket, the British International School offers a curriculum based on the British model and welcomes students for their primary and secondary education. In addition to offering courses that are identical to the requirements of the British program, the school has a campus worthy of the largest international schools with modern facilities. The art and sports activities aren’t overlooked with more than a dozen possible choices.



St Andrews International School – Bangkok

St Andrews CampusWith four campuses spread across Bangkok and Pattaya, St Andrews is one of the largest international schools based on the British model in Thailand. St Andrews is an institution renowned for the quality of its program’s methods to prepare students for major international universities through regularly trained teachers involved in the success of their students.



The American School of Bangkok – Bangkok

ASOB Campus“ASOB” is the largest school in Thailand based on the American educational model. With two campuses located in the South and in the Center of Bangkok, the school benefits from numerous international accreditations allowing students from the school to join major international universities. In keeping with the educational system, the school places a premium on sports, the arts, and other activities while offering a demanding academic curriculum in a pleasant and friendly setting.



You now have a glimpse of the possibilities that are offered to teach your child in Thailand.

Is your child already attending one of the above schools or another international school? Feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments.