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The Cost of Living in Thailand

Thailand is a country that attracts more and more expatriates thanks to its unique living environment and cost of living much lower than Western Countries. Here’s an overview of the cost of living in Thailand, to help you plan your stay.


Whether you are a passing tourist or an expat wishing to settle in Thailand for a long time, the first of your concerns is the cost of housing. On average, a night in a comfortable Bangkok hotel will cost you 25 €. If you are looking for accommodation, you can find apartments of 25m2, on the outskirts of Bangkok for about 7500 Baht/month or 200 €. However, luxury housing prices are gradually being pulled up to 200,000 baht / month, or 5200 Euro.


To illustrate the point, a flat of 50m ² in the center of Paris costs 1500 € / month. An apartment of 50m² in Asok (center of Bangkok) costs 900 € / month, in a residence with pool, security and gym.


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For city transportation, when you take a taxi don’t forget to check that the meter is on! Otherwise, you can use the bus, which is not expensive but impractical because of a lack of English signage. The BTS (sky train) is, however, very well done and you can find your way without a problem. It’s the same for the underground metro (MRT). Subways, however, are more expensive than buses, counting about 25 baht per way for a short trip. You can also use motorbike taxis for distances.

You also can order taxis (cars or motorbikes) through smartphone applications as well: Grab and Uber.

Activity costs

A traditional Thai massage, the art in Thailand, will cost you on average 7 € for one hour, which is 4 to 5 times cheaper than in Western countries for the same benefit. A movie theater is 5 €, which is half of the cost than in Europe. Finally, a meal in a mid-range restaurant is 7 € per person on average, which is again half the price. These example of costs are in Bangkok. In the upcountry, you can reduce the cost to about 20 to 30%.
Note that whatever the activity, it’s common to leave a tip if you have been satisfied, between 20 to 100 baht (€ 0.50 – € 3).


Some costs comparison:

Finally, remember that each ATM withdrawal is accompanied by a fee of 220 Baht (€ 5), in addition to any withdrawal fees in average, but that’s depending on your credit card conditions. So try to do as few withdrawals as possible and make them count! We recommend you to come with some cash and change in Thailand: the rate is good enough without any fee.

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