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How to Choose your Visa for Thailand?

Obtaining a visa is a must for all expatriates in Thailand. There are a variety of visas according to what you plan to do in the Land of Smiles. We offer you an overview of the various visas and their prices. Note that in all cases, you will need a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from your arrival date in Thailand.

For a Tourist Stay

If you come as a tourist for a month or less, for most countries you do not need to get a visa before your trip. There are, nevertheless, two cases to make note of:

  • In the case of arrival by land, you can stay only 15 days in the country without a visa.
  • If you arrive by plane, you can stay up to 30 days in Thailand.

If you wish to stay more than 30 days, you will have to choose among the following visas:

  • The tourist visa “TR” is €30 and allows you to stay 60 days in the country.
  • The tourist visa “METV” is €150 and is valid for 60 days.
  • The non-immigrant visa “O” is €60 and grants you a stay of 90 days.
  • The “O-A” (Long Stay) non-immigrant visa is €150 and is for retired persons aged over 50. It grants a one-year stay.

For a Student Stay

Non-immigrant visa “ED” is €60. Dedicated to students, it allows a stay of 90 days for the case of an internship, training in a language school, an exchange school or university, or schooling at a Thai school.

For a Professional Stay

Non-immigrant Visa “B” is €60. It allows you to stay in Thailand 90 days and to be employed during that time. If you wish to stay longer than 90 days in a long-term activity, a visa extension is required, which involves more complex procedures.

Note that visa legislation often changes in Thailand. You will need to make an appointment at the Thai Embassy to submit your application. If you would like more information, visit the website of the Thai Embassy for your country.

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