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Why Buy Real Estate in Thailand?

Why Buy?

When you want to invest in Thailand or elsewhere, the first question to ask is: what is the reason of my purchase?

  • To have a residence in Thailand?
  • Generate rental income?
  • Constitute an inheritance?
  • Alleviate tax burden by diversifying foreign currency investments?

An Accessible Real Estate Market

Despite sustained economic prosperity, the Thai property market remains accessible. Although purchase prices and rents are in constant and stable increase, they remain twice lower than European averages.

Investments are also attractive in cities and seaside islands such as Phuket. In these cities, the market consists of villas and apartments often equipped with a private or shared pool in residences with sea views.

In addition, the risk of a fall in property prices is kept at bay thanks to the control of excess supply in the face of the surging demand from foreign investors around the world.

An Attractive Return on Investment

Investing in Thailand can offer much higher returns on investment than new or resale properties in Europe, with net yields ranging from 5% to 7% in Bangkok and up to 10% in Phuket (data Century 21® Sweet Home 2016) against 2 to 3% in Paris in 2016.

There are investment programs with rental management and guaranteed profitabilityover a defined period. These programs assist in the rental management of your apartment and the rental income will be paid to you, whether your apartment is occupied or not.

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