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Where to Buy Medicines in Bangkok?

The newest slogan of Thai tourism is Amazing Thailand and although it is a slogan meant to entice people to travel to Thailand, it is also true for many expats who have chosen Thailand to be their temporary home by living in Bangkok.

Thailand is popular among expats and foreign retirees. More than three-fourths of surveyed expats are generally satisfied with the country. Thailand does not disappoint in terms of being a livable and decent place to live in.

One of the usual concerns when living in a foreign country is access to healthcare which includes access to medication. Buying medicine in Bangkok, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, is easy with all the pharmacies and drug stores around. You don’t have to go far looking for medicines to alleviate your sickness or make you feel better, accessibility to medication is generally great.

For prescription medication, you will need to bring your prescription and purchase from a hospital pharmacy because they may not be available from the usual commercial drugstores. If you don’t have your prescription, you may need to visit a doctor first.

Over-the-counter medication, on the other hand, is quite easy to purchase. Other prescription medication in another country may be available in Thailand over the counter. Some of these are antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, allergy medicine, and Premarin, among others.

If the medication you are looking for is available over the counter, there are numerous places where you can get them. Here’s a guide on where to buy medicines in Bangkok:



Watsons is currently Asia’s best when it comes to health products. Over 150 stores can be found in Bangkok, and it’s very likely that there’s one near you. Watsons is a well-stocked pharmacy, with a wide range of beauty products from Asian brands, as well as world-renowned international brands such as Neutrogena, Olay, and L’Oréal. Watson’s also has a lot of medications in stock for all kinds of home remedies.


Boots Pharmacy

Boots might be Watsons’ closest competitor when it comes to pharmacies. These two are Bangkok’s main chain drug stores. Majority of the 200 Boots stores in Thailand are situated in Bangkok. They also offer local brands and Western brands of medication and healthcare.


Siam is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bangkok itself. They sell the same things any decent pharmacy would sell as well. It might be relatively cheaper than other drug stores considering it is a Thai company.

There are other independent pharmacies and drug stores as well, but be wary of counterfeit drugs that can do more harm than good.


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