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Bangkok Observation Tower: The Future Tallest Building in Thailand

It’s official! In 2019, the city of Bangkok will have an observation tower at a height of 459m, the 6th highest in the world, and the largest in all of Southwest Asia. Its construction was driven by the desire of the government to give the capital a new tourist attraction, taking advantage of the growing tourism in the Kingdom of Siam.

Unique Architecture

The tower will be candle-shaped, referring to the candles lit for the death of King Bhumibol, and is intended to be a symbol representing a tower that illuminates the country with its prosperity. As mentioned before, its height of 459m will make it the tallest monument in Bangkok, in front of the Maha Nakhon Tower, which is only 314m high, completed in August 2016.

It will be located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and its visit will cost 750 Baht for non-residents, 350 Baht for Thai. The goal is to admire a unique panorama of the skyline, ideally during sunset.

The tower will be located at Soi Charoen Nakhon 7 in the district of Khlong San.

Construction with an Opportunity for Economic and Environmental Benefits

The tower’s completion date is expected to be in 2019. Currently, construction has been entrusted to two entities: the Bangkok Observation Tower Foundation and the National Identity Foundation. The cost of its construction is 138 million euros and is financed by no less than 50 private companies.

The highlight of its creation along the river is that it should, according to the Chao Phraya River Tourism Association, raise awareness of the importance of limiting pollution of the river. In addition, such a tourist attraction will have direct economic benefits; such as the opportunity for boat operators to help tourists traveling to Bangkok access the site. Especially since the number of tourists is constantly increasing: 32.6 million in 2016, and forecasts are of the order of 41.5 million visitors in 2020.