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6 Reasons to Retire in Thailand

Thailand often comes to mind when thinking of destinations for retirement. Forbes placed Thailand at number four on their list of 7 Best Places to Retire Around the World. This is not the only listing where Thailand appears when it comes to best places for retirement. Time ranked Thailand among its 10 Best Places to Retire Abroad while BBC included it in its Top Seven Places to Retire. In relation to this, we would like to share what we think are the top six reasons why you should retire in Thailand.


Retirees want a place where they can be comfortable and happy. They prefer locations with a more forgiving weather. Thailand, being a tropical country, has three seasons: wet, cool, and hot. You will love that the climate is quite warm most of the year. No need to worry about winter.


Thailand is well-known for its many beautiful beaches that tourists love to frequent. You can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand at any of the popular beach destinations in Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Lipe, among others.

Thailand beach


Thai cuisine is popular all over the world. There’s a wide variety of food you can try. Each part of the country offers something different, from sticky rice, fresh vegetables, and soup, prepared with their traditional herbs and spices.


If you decide to buy a condo in Thailand, Bangkok is probably the best area to look at because there are lots of apartment buildings there to choose from. When you’re there, one of the things you will enjoy is shopping – there is no shortage of shopping there. Go to the malls for designer gear or to the wholesale markets where haggling is accepted and buying in bulk is always cheaper. Check out the Night Bazaar at Chiang Mai, night markets in Khon Kaen, and the boutiques and galleries at Phuket Town too.


At this time in your life, you deserve to receive world-class pampering and you can get that from the many five-star spas in Phuket, Ko Samui, and Ko Chang. On a budget? Try the less expensive massages in Chiang Mai instead.

Thailand massage


Healthcare is an important consideration for retirees. No need to worry about it in Bangkok. High-quality care is available there from the country’s top doctors and private hospitals at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in more developed countries.

Thailand is not called the Land of Smiles for nothing. There’s much to explore. People are friendly and love to have fun. Isn’t that what you want your retirement years to be about?


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